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Relocating to the Netherlands?
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At Hollandsche Makelaardij, we understand that relocating to a new country can be a daunting task. That’s why we are dedicated to making your transition to the Netherlands easy, stress-free, and efficient. With our comprehensive real estate services tailored specifically for expats, we ensure that you find the perfect home quickly, while providing personalized support every step of the way.

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Why Choose Hollandsche Makelaardij for Your Expat Relocation?

Streamlined Document Collection: 
We know that time is of the essence when searching for a new home. To expedite the process, our team assists you in collecting all necessary documents prior to viewings. This way, we can swiftly submit offers and secure your ideal property without delays.

Exclusive Off-Market Listings:
Gain a competitive edge in the Dutch housing market. At Hollandsche Makelaardij, we have access to a wide range of off-market listings that are not visible to the general public. This gives you the advantage of exploring exclusive opportunities and finding hidden gems that perfectly match your preferences.

No Cure, No Pay:
We are committed to delivering results. With our “no cure, no pay” policy, you don’t owe us any fees until we successfully find you the perfect home and your lease is signed. Our focus is on providing exceptional service and achieving your complete satisfaction.

Transparent Pricing:
We believe in transparency when it comes to costs. Our fee structure is straightforward: one month’s rent, excluding VAT taxes, will be charged as our commission upon successfully securing your new home. This ensures clarity and eliminates any hidden surprises along the way.

Flexible Virtual Viewings:
We understand that physical viewings may not always be possible, especially when you’re still abroad or have time constraints. That’s why we offer the convenience of online viewings, video tours, and virtual viewings through platforms like WhatsApp or FaceTime. You can explore properties remotely, ask questions, and gain a comprehensive understanding of each option, saving you time and effort.

Begin Your Stress-Free Expat Journey Today

Don't let the complexities of relocating to the Netherlands overwhelm you. With Hollandsche Makelaardij as your trusted partner, you can navigate the real estate market with ease, confidence, and peace of mind. Let us take care of the details, so you can focus on settling into your new life in the Netherlands.

Contact us now to start your stress-free expat relocation journey. We are excited to assist you in finding the perfect home that matches your unique needs and preferences.

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