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Renting out a house to expats

In the Netherlands, there are many people who offer their homes for rent. This is a great way to earn some extra money. However, this is not always so simple as there are many obligations involved in renting out a property. In many cases, it can be advantageous to outsource the rental process. Hollandsche Makelaardij is specialized in renting out homes to expats. We take the entire rental process out of your hands. This way you can rent out your property without any worries. In this article, you will learn everything about renting out a house to expats.

What are expats?
Expats is a word derived from the English word “expatriate”. An expat is a person who stays abroad, for example, for work. Expats, in most cases, only stay abroad for a shorter period of time and then return to their own or another country. They are often looking for a rental property to live in for a shorter period of time.

Benefits of renting to expats
There are many advantages to renting out a property to expats. Below we have listed a few advantages for you:

Expats are reliable tenants:
Expats who are abroad for their work often have a nice budget to rent a house. This means that you will not be faced with inconvenient payment delays. No long leases: Expats often stay abroad for a shorter period of time. Because of this, you will not have to deal with long rental contracts. This is very pleasant for some landlords because you don’t have to commit to the same tenant for a long period, allowing you to value your property at the current market rate. More opportunities: Expats are often looking for properties that contain office space. If your home contains an extra office space or room that can serve as an office, your home is often very interesting to expats. This may imply that they will be willing to pay a higher rent. Expats have many connections: When you rent to an expat, he/she may know many people within the corporate world. If you liked the stay in your home, the expat may recommend your home to other people within the corporate world. Thus, an expat provides free word-of-mouth advertising and your property will be rented more often.

Disadvantages of renting to expats
Unfortunately, there are also some disadvantages of renting to expats. Below we have listed some of the disadvantages for you:

No long leases:
Although we already wrote this under the advantages, short leases can also be a disadvantage in some situations. You have less security with short leases because you have to look for tenants more often. If you don’t mind short leases, you can remove this disadvantage already!

More paperwork:
Because you are stuck with short rental periods, you automatically have more paperwork as well. Fortunately, you can choose to outsource this paperwork with us. Hollandsche Makelaardij will take care of this for you. 

Now that you know the pros and cons of renting to expats, you can decide for yourself whether you would like to rent to an expat or not. Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages? That’s up to you! Do you still have questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us. You can contact Hollandsche Makelaardij every day for all of your questions about renting to expats.

Why rent to expats?
Expats usually stay abroad for short periods of time for their jobs. These types of tenants often have a nice income which makes them very reliable. Thus, you will almost never come into contact with defaulters. 

Moreover, it is very interesting to rent to expats when your home is already furnished. This ensures that the expat immediately feels welcome and does not have to gather furniture or other facilities themselves. If your property has furniture, a wifi connection and other household equipment, it is easier to find a tenant as they are more willing to pay a high rent for such properties. In fact, expats are almost always looking for fully furnished rental properties.

Long term vs short term home rentals for expats
Although expats more often opt for short term rentals, in some cases it is possible for an expat to stay in your home for a longer term. Some landlords prefer long-term leases, as this offers more security. Other landlords have no preference, therefore, short term leases are also fine.

Do you still have questions? Do not hesitate to contact us. You can always contact Hollandsche Makelaardij for all your questions about renting to expats.

Is my house suitable for expat rental?
In theory, every home is suitable for an expat. However, some homes are more suitable than others. For example, properties in Amsterdam and other large cities are extremely suitable for expats. This is because they often work in a big city – such as Amsterdam, Den Haag, Rotterdam, or Utrecht. Therefore, if the rental property is in such a big city, they can reside closer to their work. This is a very important factor for many expats when they are looking for housing. Housing in a city also yields higher rental income.

Where do you find suitable expats for my property?
At Hollandsche Makelaardij, we have specialized in renting homes to expats for many years. Our years of expertise have ensured that we have a lot of contacts in this part of the rental market. We have become an established name in this sector. This way, we can always offer you the best service when you want to rent your home to expats.

Renting furnished or unfurnished accommodation to expatsWhen you rent out your property to expats, you can either rent it furnished or unfurnished. Both ways of renting are possible in this market. However, for expats, a furnished property is often preferable. This makes their move much more convenient, especially when arriving from another country. 

In addition, household appliances such as a washing machine and a vacuum cleaner are very useful for expats. If your home has furniture and household appliances, it will generally rent out faster. The monthly rent you can charge can also increase.

How much deposit should I ask an expat?
When you rent out your house through Hollandsche Makelaardij, the tenant has to pay you a deposit of 2 months. This is extra security for you should the expat stop paying the rent. If the expat fails to fulfill the rental contract, you, as the landlord, can use the deposit to reimburse/cover the lost rental income.

We take care of the whole rental process for you
Thanks to Hollandsche Makelaardij, any stresses as a landlord will be taken care of. We arrange all matters for you. This way, you will never face unexpected or unwanted problems when you rent out a house. Below are some of our services for landlords:

We provide good presentation of your property: Thanks to our professional photos and descriptions, your property is portrayed in the best possible way. This way, all the advantages of your rental property are mapped out for potential tenants. We take care of the legal aspects: There are many legal aspects involved in renting out a house. You are always in order for all legal aspects and you will never get into trouble. We do a financial check: Through our financial team, we guarantee an error-free rental period. We vet every expat in advance so you know your tenants are responsible. We always look for the best possible expat for your property: Finding the right tenant is not an easy task. But thanks to our years of expertise, we can relieve you of this search. We will quickly put you in touch with the best possible expat for your property. At Hollandsche Makelaardij, we guide you from A to Z in renting out your home to an expat. We also relieve you of the many formalities involved in renting out a house. 

Do you still have questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are available for you every day from sunrise to sunset.